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Blues Central is a speakeasy in Anchorage, AK, featuring fine craft cocktails made by knowledgeable bartenders. Blues Central is located on the second floor of Williwaw, Anchorage's newest hip restaurant and music venue.




what is blues central?

A proper establishment, Blues Central is a hidden speakeasy in Anchorage, Alaska. Our focus is craft cocktails and social interaction.

What is a speakeasy?

During the prohibition era, speakeasies were secret establishments where alcohol was illegally served. Their location was known by word of mouth, and entrance was gained by password only.

How do I get into blues central?

On the first floor of Williwaw, there are two phone booths. If the blue light is on, Blues Central is open! Picking up the receiver will automatically ring the bartender, who will ask you how many in your party. If there is room, you will be given a password and invited upstairs.

what is the best time to come in?

We open daily at 5pm, and space is available on a first come first serve basis. The earlier you arrive, the better, as there is no waitlist.

Do you take reservations?

At this time, we do not take reservations.

What if we come in with a group larger than 6?

Our establishment is fairly small, accommodating about 50 people at a time. Our largest tables seat six at a time. If your party is more than six people, we will likely invite you upstairs only if there are two open tables. 

Do I have to be 21 or older?

Yes. We require a current (not expired) and valid ID showing that you are at least 21 years of age.